Why Sell Your Home with Stu?


Why all this less-than-subtle reference to aviation?

Well, as a pilot, Stu knows that the privilege of flying is enjoyed as the result of safe design, robust systems and processes, strong teamwork, focused ongoing training, and discipline.

Great results in real estate are much the same, so why should you choose Stu and the Harcourts team to sell your home? The five best reasons would be because:

1.  Stu is client focused. He puts your interests first and offers conjunctional arrangements with all other agency brands to ensure access to your home by any buyer working with the agent of their choice. You need your home seen by as many buyers as possible, and this is all about removing barriers to buyers.

2.  Stu consciously maintains strong a network of colleagues eager to help sell your home. He knows that nearly 50% of listings are sold by other agents. This is the value of a network that extends throughout New Zealand, but has a local strength of over 100 agents in West Auckland alone, all with access to your property’s information on line.

3.  We deliver a full service. We are not the cheapest agency in town, and we’re not the most expensive either. We sit in the middle of the range offering the best total value, which is why a healthy share of the market chooses us.

4.  Some agencies will let any of their agents present you an offer, without reference to your own listing agent. With Harcourts, you are protected from that as all offers must be presented through Stuart or one of his managers.

4.  Harcourts is known to be the auction process leaders, proud to have a New Zealand Champion Auctioneer, Aaron Davis, on the team. Over the last eight years Aaron has won Harcourts auctioneering competitions, independent competitions in Australia, and the New Zealand national competitions.


As an auctioneer himself, Stu understands the auction process intimately.  With over six years in the industry he's seen the rise and fall of the market - been there done that - with a shade of grey to show for it. 

Stu's experience includes service in the Air Force; procurement, inventory and distribution management; and project management in supply chain and construction. This has built a strong foundation of negotiation and relationship skills that are leveraged every day in real estate.

Stu and his wife Karen live in Massey. Their two adult children and five grandchildren are in the Auckland area also.  When not working, Stu will be flying, golfing, or obeying DIY orders in the garden!

Your Complete Selling Guide

Including guidance on timing, marketing, pricing, process, and choosing your consultant.

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