Why Buy with Stu?

Real Estate with Altitude

You'll have seen this tag line elsewhere around my marketing, but the aviation references are a salute to discipline, process, team work, and skill.

With over six years in the real estate industry, Stu has seen it all; from the pristine to the 'project'. 

While his previous experience around construction and supply chain projects lends weight to the skill base he now uses; Stu's  personal and industry experience mean that he knows where the risks lie in buying a home.

He is intimately familar with the rules and processes of the industry and can guide you through the challenge of buying a home whether priced, by negotiation, or by auction.

As an auctioneer himself, Stu knows the process and the pressure involved; and can lead you through to the podium on auction day. 

Complete the form to the right and let's make time to discuss your buying requirements and a strategy to achieve that.

Buying at Auction?

Download my complimentary report, outlining how you can bid to win when buying a home at an auction.

(Don't be scared of the process though; ask me for help.)

Your Complete Property Buying Guide

Including guidance on arranging your finance, doing your research, property inspections, and making an offer.