Why Buy with Stu?

Whether you're buying your first home or your next property, I recognise that it's a big deal. The deals we're doing every week are what you're statistically likely to do once every seven years and therefore perhaps five or six times ever.

My experience in aviation, construction, supply chain, and contracting is now added to over seven years in real estate.  All that means that the guidance I can offer you as a buyer is:

  • the details to look for in a home,

  • what to check in the property documents,

  • the precautions to take when writing an offer,

  • how to be the preferred buyer,

  • how to negotiate a deal when the haggling starts, and

  • how to buy at auction.

I'm an auctioneer myself, so I know the process and the pressure involved; and can lead you from your first look, through auction day, to settlement day!

Service is an Honour

Buying at Auction?

Download my complimentary report, outlining how you can bid to win when buying a home at an auction.

(Don't be scared of the process though; ask me for help.)

Your Complete Property Buying Guide

Including guidance on arranging your finance, doing your research, property inspections, and making an offer.